Property EPC’s for Landlords

EPCs are a Legal Requirement and must be in place for a property before we are able to advertise for letting. In addition the EPC must have a rating (currently) between A and E or a valid exemption certificate. If either of these are unavailable we are legally not allowed to market your property. An EPC is renewable (currently) every 10 years.

EPCs contain information on a property’s energy use and typical energy costs, along with a recommendation report with suggestions to reduce energy use and save money. They also contain details of the person who carried out the EPC assessment and who to contact if you want to review the report.

Energy use and potential savings

EPCs carry ratings that compare the current energy efficiency and estimated costs of energy use with potential figures that your home could achieve. Potential figures are calculated by estimating what the energy efficiency and energy costs could be if energy saving measures were put in place.

The rating measures the energy efficiency of your home using a grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’.  An ‘A’ rating is the most efficient, while ‘G’ is the least efficient.

The average efficiency grade to date is ‘D’. All properties are measured using the same calculations, so you can compare the energy efficiency of different properties.

The recommendation report

EPCs also provide a detailed recommendation report showing how you could reduce the amount of energy you use and your carbon dioxide emissions. The report lists:

  • suggested improvements, like fitting loft insulation
  • possible cost savings per year, if the improvements are made
  • how the recommendations would change the energy efficiency rating of the property
  • which improvements may be eligible for funding through the Green Deal (for more information, see ‘The Green Deal’ website)

You don’t have to act on the recommendations in the report. However, if you decide to do so, it could make your property more attractive for rent by making it more energy efficient.

Get energy saving advice from the Energy Saving Trust

Which buildings need an EPC

An EPC is required when a building is built, rented or sold.

A building is defined as a structure with a roof and walls which uses energy to ‘condition an indoor climate’. This means it has heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation.

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The building can either be a whole building or part of a building that has been designed or altered to be used separately. If a building is made up of separate units, each with its own heating system, each unit will need an EPC.

For more details of when and which types of buildings require an EPC, read ‘Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings’.

Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings (PDF, 1027K)

Getting your EPC certificate

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