Important notice for tenant applicants

If you are granted a tenancy as a result of information supplied which subsequently proves to be false, you may be committing a criminal offence and may place your tenancy at risk. It is therefore vitally important that reference information is completed accurately and as completely as possible. Reference details required are. Bankers, Employers, Character, Present or previous Landlord. In some cases a guarantor will be required who must be a UK homeowner in full time employment and will also be required to sign the agreement

Tenants will be responsible for payment of all utilities including Council Tax and Water Rates. It should also be noted that the Tenant should satisfy himself as to the contents and amount of furniture (if any) to be provided.
Unless otherwise agreed before the tenancy commences, properties are taken as seen. In addition, many Landlords will not accept pets, therefore, if you have pets you should check when applying that they will be accepted.

Reference replies must be received in writing before a tenancy can commence.

Administration costs are payable on completion of the application forms.
These must be paid when submitting the forms in order for us to proceed with your application.

Payment of deposit & first months rent and inventory check in costs (if applicable) must be paid on or before the signing of the agreement, by cash or Bankers Draft. Personal cheques will only be accepted to allow 7 working days for clearance.

Disclosure Statement
Mead Property Management is an Introducer only Representative for a number of FCA Regulated Insurance Companies who you may wish to contact to discuss your Insurance needs in connection with your property and letting thereof.

Data Protection Act
Some data & information may be disclosed to third parties in connection with and in order for us to process and deal with your application